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Business Advisory and Accounting Partners is a business advisory, tax, and accounting firm in Clearwater, FL helping businesses and individuals since 1989.
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Avoid These Year-End Tax Surprises
Business taxes are complicated, and any year can bring surprises for small business owners. However, […]
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Succession Planning for Small Business Owners
Retiring as a business owner is more complicated than retiring from a typical job. In […]
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5 Things Small Manufacturers Can Do to Plan for Next Tax Season
Tax preparation is more of a perspective than it is a task. For small manufacturers […]
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Why a Small Business Needs a CPA
You might think of a certified public accountant, or CPA, just as that smart person […]
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How Long Should I Keep Tax Returns and Records?
Many small business owners ask: "How long should I keep tax returns and related financial […]
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How to Track Tax Deductions for Your Home Office
Track Tax Deductions for Your Home Office If you’re a solopreneur or run a small […]
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Will Charitable Gifts Reduce My Business Taxes?
Will Charitable Gifts Reduce My Business Taxes? Small business owners are a generous bunch. According […]
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How BAAP C.P.A. Saved a Realtor $10k+ a Year in Taxes
A real-world example of how our business advisory services helped one client dramatically reduce their tax burden
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