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Business Advisory and Accounting Partners is a business advisory, tax, and accounting firm in Clearwater, FL helping businesses and individuals since 1989.
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The Importance of Developing a Budget for Your Business
Running a successful business requires proactive financial management, careful planning, and effective decision-making. At Business […]
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Record Retention: What Business Records Do I Need to Keep?
As a business owner, you know that it's essential to keep organized and up-to-date records […]
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3 Common Types of Tax That All Business Owners Must Understand
In business, it’s essential to understand the different types of tax that you should be […]
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Gross vs. Taxable Income: What’s The Difference?
As a business owner, it’s important to know the basics of tax. In addition to […]
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We’ve Re-branded: What Does this Mean for You?
We’ve Re-branded: What Does this Mean for You? We’ve rebranded BAAP C.P.A as Business Advisory […]
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BAAP Financial Statements
When it Comes to Understanding Financial Statements, We’ve Got the Key For every business owner, […]
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Setting Up a Business? Let’s Talk About Business Structure & Entity Planning
So, you’ve decided to ditch the employee badge and become your own boss. Good for […]
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Getting to Know the Basics of Tax Efficiency
The word ‘tax’ has a strange effect on people. Some find it boring; others find […]
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Is Your Pastime a Hobby or a Business? 11 Factors to Consider
What do you do with your downtime? Most of us have a pastime, whether it’s […]
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8 Reasons the IRS Might Audit Your Business
An IRS Audit: How to Avoid the Red Flags Although the chances of an audit […]
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