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Our clients trust our proactive approach to growing their businesses.

Business Advisory Services

A Partner in Your Business Growth

Think of our business advisory services as part of your leadership team or board of directors. We tailor a strategy to your unique business to keep it compliant, tax-efficient, and more organized. Our business advisory plan will help you more strategically manage your business and monetize every asset you can. You will rest more comfortably knowing that you are covering all of your financial bases and making informed decisions.

The ROI on Business Advisory Services

Business advisory services are an investment with a measurable return. Rather than simply paying a CPA to manage your business taxes, you entrust a business advisory firm as an extension of your company. Taxes are just one element of business advisory services. Yes, your advisor should proactively look for ways to reduce the tax you owe and maximize deductions. They should predict your tax bill as accurately as possible so that you can plan for it throughout your fiscal year. Beyond tax preparation, a business advisor can also spot opportunities to reduce costs or maximize investments across all aspects of your business. As you track what you invest against the savings you realize, you should see long-term positive returns

Develop a Tax Strategy

Many C.P.A. firms focus on one objective: minimizing taxes. While that objective remains valid, it is just one piece of the puzzle for your business. Instead, business advisory services recommend a comprehensive tax strategy. A business owner must identify and articulate long and short term goals for their business, then align their tax strategy with those goals. Unlike most C.P.A. firms, we help business owners plan and manage their tax situation rather than react to it–often too late. We get to know you and listen to your goals so, together, we can build an effective tax strategy.

Look Through the Windshield Not Just The Rearview Mirror

A business advisory plan helps steer your business where you want it to go. We focus on where you’re going, not where you’ve been.

A Different Approach to Business Decisions

For a business owner, good information leads to good decisions. Despite a wave of new technology changing the face of accounting, we offer what basic accountants and tax preparers can’t: strategic client service and counsel. We advise on everything from forecasting to expense analysis to increasing growth margins.

At Business Advisory and Accounting Partners, we think beyond the figures on the spreadsheet and help guide you towards your goals while avoiding pitfalls that many growing businesses face. Business advisory services focus on strategic planning and execution.

4 Key Areas of Business Advisory Services

When you engage Business Advisory and Accounting Partners for business advisory services we address four key areas.

Compliance Services

Many C.P.A. firms focus on completing forms and keeping you compliant with your tax filings and accounting financial statements. These tasks form the basic blocking and tackling of an accounting firm focused on preparing tax returns or creating the monthly financial statements.  However, that is where most firms stop. Our team of professionals go beyond the transactional compliance work expected of an accounting firm and provide insight and guidance into the numbers that report your business performance.

Organizational Services

As a business owner, it is important for you to know and understand your numbers. Streamlining your accounting helps you get a better handle on the metrics that are meaningful for your business. We review your financial statements with you to make sure that you understand them and can manage them appropriately. We also help you analyze business expenses and look for opportunities to increase profitability and cash flow. Better organization and reporting allows you to easily and confidently present and analyze your business performance.

Tax Efficiency Services

Our experienced advisory and accounting professionals learn and understand your business goals so that we can help you reduce taxes, secure bank financing, expand your business and exit it at the right time with a better outcome. When you focus only on minimizing taxes, you may miss the bigger picture and make mistakes that cost you down the road. FMA C.P.A. will build a tax plan that aligns with those goals.

Strategic Financial Services and Succession Planning

As a business owner, you invest your time and money in one of your most valuable retirement assets, your business. You should expect a proper rate of return on the investment you make in your business. Our goal is to help you build value in your company and eventually transfer this most important retirement asset to your personal balance sheet. As a business owner, you must always make decisions with a succession plan in mind. Position your company’s finances so that when you’re ready to sell, retire, or hand over the reins, you keep as much money in your pocket as possible.

Business Strategic Review


Your team at Business Advisory and Accounting Partners will review more than just the numbers currently in front of them. They will help you examine your strategy to project how your financials should look in one year, five years or ten years.

We partner with companies of all sizes in industries as diverse as real estate, manufacturing, medical practices, restaurants, and construction trades, just to name a few. Our financial expertise and strategic approach transcend industries. Whether you operate as a sole proprietor, run a small LLC, or own a corporation, we want to see you through to the level of success you envision.

The Business Advisory and Accounting Partners Process

Our process starts with an initial meeting where our Relationship Team gets to know your company. We learn about the company history, its current successes/challenges, and goals for the company and its stakeholders. From this meeting, we develop a business advisory plan–a  list of tasks that we work together to prioritize and complete over time. Throughout the year we meet periodically to teach best practices, discuss the status of these tasks and schedule the next steps. Our goal is to help you identify those items that will help build value in your business, improve profitability and stay on the path of accomplishing your goals
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Areas of Engagement


  • Tax Preparation & Filing
  • Accounting, Bookkeeping, and Payroll Services
  • Annual Corporate Filing (State)



  • Create Tax Efficiency Plan
  • Tax Review
  • Audit Risk Review
  • Maximization of Tax Credits


  • Business Plan Review
  • Analysis of Corporate Agreements
  • Business Expense Analysis
  • Risk Mitigation Analysis


  • Managing Debt/Leverage
  • Monetizing Your Business
  • Profitability Analysis
  • Create Financial Management Tools

Relationship Team

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As a client of Business Advisory and Accounting Partners, you will be assigned a team of business advisory professionals so you have multiple people who know you and can support your plan. Our staff has extensive experience in business consulting, tax planning and preparation and accounting services. The relationship team consists of the following:

Relationship Manager

The lead advisor responsible for managing the client relationship and process.

Accountant In Charge

The accountant in charge that ensures that financial information is accurate and is representative of the business activity.

Tax Planner

The person responsible for formulating the tax efficiency plan.

Each of these individuals views themself as an extension of your team and your business. Together, their overlapping skills and knowledge provide a full range of business advisory expertise. If ever you are unable to reach one of them, another is able to assist you. Although employees tend to stay with FMA C.P.A. for many years, if any one member of your team moves on or retires, you can rest assured that the remaining team members still know you well and can shepherd a smooth transition. 

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