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Business Tax Planning & Advisory Services LLC Testimonials
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Business Tax Planning & Advisory Services LLC Testimonials

I met Mark through a mutual business contact when I was looking for some additional services in accounting and tax/business advisory. I was very impressed by the approach he and his team took in the presentation and contract proposal. I hired Mark and his firm shortly thereafter and they have done absolutely amazing work for my company, Avenida Suites and me. I would highly recommend their entire package of services to any small to midsize company who needs some extra eyes on financials, tax planning strategy, and of courses tax preparation
Daniel Gorman, GMS, CCHP
CEO, Avenida Suites
My small business was growing and facing new opportunities and challenges. Although experienced in the business world I “didn’t know what I didn’t know”, so I reached out to see if Business Advisory and Accounting Partners. could help me see my business options more clearly. Mark Martukovich, Derrick Cox, and Rose Martukovich have truly made a difference for BankSmart in the last year. They helped BankSmart see the opportunities more clearly and take advantage of them, they cleaned up the mess the previous “tax guy” created during my first seven years of business, they helped me streamline some of my previous bookkeeping headaches and they help me keep my books in order on an ongoing basis. I would recommend the BAAP team to any small business looking for opportunities to reach the next level of success.
Jim Wilkson
President, BankSmart
Far too often companies and business owners fall on hard times. It’s an unfortunate part of the game. As much as we like to think it, we don’t know everything. Something happens… a mistake, a missed observation, a poor hire, and suddenly everything that we’ve worked towards is in jeopardy of collapse. Recently, I found myself in this situation, and frankly, it’s as terrifying as it is embarrassing. A short Google search later and I had discovered BAAP. We managed to set up a meeting in short order, and we were introduced to Mark and Derrick. Hat in hand, we went to them with a request for help, as I realized that I was in a situation that was far out of my realm of knowledge. After a quick review, Derrick agreed that he felt that he could help to direct us back to a position of stability and profit. Derrick and his team, with no small amount of sensitivity, worked with us to create not only an initial plan forward, but mid term and long term financial plans, figured out the numbers that we had not yet done, and even helped teach us better financial management skills for our company to help ensure our future success. The entire team has been a joy to work with, has endured tirelessly on our behalf. I can say without reservation that our relationship with BAAP saved my company and continues to benefit us as we now move towards a period of growth. Turnaround stories do happen, and BAAP has been instrumental in ours.
Matthew Maney
President, Universal Parts
Mark and his accounting and business consulting teams have become an indispensable strategic partner in our practice. Even after having a successful 23 years in business, Mark and his team found numerous ways to help us save significant costs in our operating expenses, help manage personnel, focus our expansion and financing options. They go far beyond what we have experienced with even very good accounting firms. I would recommend Mark and his team to any business or medical practice large or small. They are first rate.
Richard Gans
Founder and CEO, American Institute of Balance
I found myself, after one month into my new job as CEO, without the services of our Chief Financial Officer. After due diligence with over four C.P.A. firms, I selected Rose Martukovich and Business Advisory and Accounting Partners to be our new accounting partner and to provide the necessary accounting practices to produce for us the required monthly reporting. One of our goals was to have reporting that could specifically help us steer our business in the direction that would be most profitable. Not only did she institute meaningful reports, but she also suggested numerous enhancements to our processes and operational practices that resulted in costs savings for us. Within the first month of working together, they had all the reports we wanted up and running. Making the switch to work directly with Rose was the best business decision I could have made as a new CEO. From the start of our engagement, Rose did not disappoint, as she initially impressed us with her audit and business operations knowledge and capabilities. Early on, she recommended a change in a tax filing that saved us a considerable sum of money, and we realized she had a whole lot more to offer. She is on top of everything for me, always with an eye toward helping us make the most profit. She consistently provides reliable insight and guidance resulting in us viewing them as a trusted and valued business partner. The combination of expertise, client service and value is hard to beat. Rose and the team of professionals at BAAP have exceeded my expectations from a service and delivery perspective. Through their work, they have been able to craft a meaningful short-term and long-term strategy for various aspects of our services. BAAP has treated us like a VIP account, even though we’re a small business and not even close to one of their biggest customers. Moreover, most important, she has provided us with a number of suggested “best practices” in day-to-day operations. I can say without question that BAAP has truly made a measurable difference for Direct Mail Systems, Inc. If you are looking for an accounting firm that adds real value, strives to understand your business, and is committed to being a long-term partner, you should talk to Rose and BAAP.
Walter B. Riddock, CMDSM, M-EDP, EMCM
Chief Executive Officer, Direct Mail Systems, Inc

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Great Professional firm. Very easy yo approach. Great Advice. Great communication. Lots of Experience…
The BAAP team has helped my businesses tremendously over the past few years. They do a great job with ensuring a complete financial picture with everything I do. I know its complicated and I appreciate their expertise. I have referred business to them and I would do it again.
Our firm has used BAAP for approximately four years now and we couldn’t be happier. They do all our invoicing, collections, bill paying, supply us with an AR spreadsheet at the end of every month and set us up with a payroll company. Mark, Rose, and Jeff are wonderful to work with and I would recommend this firm to any firm large or small, for any of your needs.
My team and I have used several CPA’s and nothing can compare to the level of service, dedication, and attention to detail that this firm provides. I’m grateful to have found such a solid CPA firm. Thank you!
I bought a business in the area a little over two years ago. I interviewed several firms that were high recommended. I cannot say enough about the dedication and professionalism from Rose and her team! They are truly a valued asset to our team. Thank you for all you do!
I’m truly impressed with the level of service this accounting firm provides. They have gone above and beyond in assisting me with whatever issues arise. They are a full service firm and provide everything my business requires. Their attention to detail and diligent work ethic is unmatched. Most importantly, I can focus on running my business knowing my accounting is in good hands.
After meeting with Rose and her team knew immediately that they could help grow my business and advise me into the future they have helped guide both my businesses and shown steady growth with their guidance as well as advising me on the accounting side as well. I would highly recommend them to any business owner looking to grow their business and seek great professional advice
We have been doing business with Business Advisory and Accounting Partners for several years now. Mark and the entire crew at BAAP have been a great resource for our growing business. Although we initially engaged the firm for tax & accounting services, it’s the additional business advisory services they provide that has really put them over the top for our company. They offer great customer service at a reasonable price. I know we are in good hands with BAAP.
What a pleasure it has been to work with Rose at BAAP. We have only been with them a few short months and it has already had a huge financial impact to our business. We were looking for not just an accounting firm, but a business partner that could help us have better insight into our business. We are looking forward to our continued relationship and would highly recommend a consultation with Business Advisory and Accounting Partners.
I started using this firm to manage my company’s books and taxes almost a year ago after using another firm for more than 10 years. The quality of their service is light years ahead of the former firm. I highly recommend this firm to everyone!

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