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How a Business Advisory Will Assist with Tax Compliance


5 Ways a Business Advisory will Assist with Your Tax Compliance

Today’s economic growth challenges are forcing business owners to rethink the way they do business. For many, this entails taking a closer look at how they manage their tax and statutory compliance obligations.

Rapid globalization, shifting tax reforms, changes in accounting standards and regulations, plus increasing oversight from tax authorities have increased the burden on businesses. At the same time, you must provide better reporting and tax compliance in less time.

As a business owner, you need more consistent, efficient, and cost-effective ways to meet your compliance obligations. This is where a business advisory comes in.

Tax Advisory and Business Tax Compliance

Achieving tax compliance is a long, complicated, and drawn-out process. Now, more than ever, you need the services of a tax professional to help you out.

Here's why you need a business tax advisor.

1. Create a Business Tax Compliance Strategy

A tax professional will provide you with an efficient way to ease your business tax compliance workload while still meeting your business’ needs.

A business tax consultant will provide you with a seamless experience through the challenges of tax planning, compliance, and financial accounting. A professional will work with you to build proactive, integrated tax strategies that address all your business tax risks.

Developing a business tax compliance strategy will entail:

  • Reviewing accounting systems and ensuring compliance with all tax requirements
  • Computing year-end corporate taxes
  • Reporting on the client tax status
  • Submitting statutory tax returns

2. Start-up Support

You need an effective tax plan to grow and succeed. If you own a newly formed business, you may get overwhelmed by how much work you need to do to ensure business tax compliance.

It’s no secret that business tax filing is a cumbersome affair. You’ll have to fill in the right form, account for income and expenses, and ensure there are no errors.

Why burden yourself with this? Let a business accountant get it right the first time. A professional will help develop growth plans, create reporting structures, and map internal policies and standards.

3. Tax Implications in a Shifting Regulatory Environment

As a business owner, you need to stay abreast with the continually changing local and federal tax regulations, and compliance methodologies. You need not worry about whether to file for corporate income tax or gross receipts tax when you have a tax consultant on board.

A business tax advisor is well-informed on any tax code changes and will provide a clear, logical approach to help you implement and manage compliance.

Additionally, a tax professional's services are invaluable if you're undergoing large scale transformation projects, such as global diversification plans, operational changes, or mergers and acquisitions.

4. Tax Health Check

Accounting standards and regulations are constantly changing. The tax environment has always been complex, and you'll need the advice and support of consultants conversant in tax law.

A tax health check is necessary to determine the nature and exposure of your organization to tax liabilities. Essentially, a tax health check will help you come up with a formidable tax plan and reframe your tax objectives.

A health check will focus on:

  • Areas of tax risks
  • Areas of underutilized tax opportunities
  • Measures available to optimize tax planning

5. Tax Planning

Effective tax planning tailored to your businesses unique needs can give your company the competitive edge it requires for growth.

It's crucial to hire a business advisor with experience and expertise in taxes to help you avoid costly mistakes. Let's face it; the entire process of filing taxes and adhering to reporting requirements can be confusing.

Unfortunately, tax authorities are not forgiving of errors just because they were unintentional. A tax consultant will assist you in navigating the process, saving you time and money.

When excessive, business tax costs are a burden on profits and capitals. A business advisor can reorganize your company’s operations to enhance tax benefits. Integrating tax planning into business operations will maximize growth opportunities, minimize risks and operating expenses, and enhance investment return.

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