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Business Advisory and Accounting Partners is a business advisory, tax, and accounting firm in Clearwater, FL helping businesses and individuals since 1989.
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Succession Planning for Small Business Owners
Retiring as a business owner is more complicated than retiring from a typical job. In […]
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Guide to Choosing a Business Advisor
Whether you’ve recently started your first business or are a seasoned business owner, a knowledgeable […]
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Restarting a Business During a Recession
For businesses that have temporarily closed or scaled back operations during 2020, the prospect of […]
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How Realtors Can Benefit from Business Advisory Services
Florida leads the nation in its number of residents who work in real estate. With […]
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Why a Small Business Needs a CPA
You might think of a certified public accountant, or CPA, just as that smart person […]
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Should I hire a Clearwater CPA firm for my business?
Does doing your own accounting and taxes really save money? Maybe not.
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How BAAP C.P.A. Saved a Realtor $10k+ a Year in Taxes
A real-world example of how our business advisory services helped one client dramatically reduce their tax burden
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Can Business Advisory Services Benefit a Business in Your Industry?
Before bringing in an expert to provide business advisory services in Clearwater, one thing to consider is whether they have experience and expertise working with businesses like yours.
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Our 4-Point Strategy to Maximize Your Profit
We go beyond tax and accounting services, providing business advisory services that will help you grow your business
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