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Can Business Advisory Services Benefit a Business in Your Industry?


Before bringing in an expert to provide business advisory services, one thing to consider is whether they have experience and expertise working with businesses like yours.

  • Has the firm worked with companies similar in size to mine?
  • Has the firm worked with businesses in my industry before?

BAAP C.P.A. has helped many business owners manage their numbers and grow their company. Our business advisory services are geared toward all types of companies, of all sizes, from all industries.

No matter what size of business you have, whether you are a solopreneur or a run a multimillion-dollar company, we can help you. Our business advisory service reviews are tailored to help any business of all sizes.

How BAAP C.P.A. can help your company

1) We teach businesses to behave like businesses.

For a business to thrive, it must operate in a way that successful businesses operate. We analyze our clients’ numbers and develop sound business advisory plans that will help them manage their business operations. Our business recommendations not only help our clients reach their short-term goals but look towards long-term goals 5, 10 or 20 years down the road.

2) We teach our clients basic financial statement management principles.

Every business owner should understand basic concepts of financial analysis and management, but unfortunately many do not. These management principles translate to all kinds of businesses across all industries. Understanding these principles will help you organize your finances, minimize your expenses, and take advantage of your capital.

3) We function like a board member.

We are more than a CFO for hire. We serve similar to a member of your board of directors. We will review your company’s numbers on a regular basis and give you our business recommendations.

4) We provide guidance to increase profitability.

We help business owners understand their cash flow, business expenses and tax liabilities so they can make better decisions and become more profitable. We give sound recommendations that will better position the company. Through these recommendations, we can help you cut your operational expenses and increase your income.

What are the industries BAAP C.P.A. has worked with?

BAAP C.P.A. has worked with businesses in just about every industry. Here are just a few types of businesses we have worked with in the past:

  • Small, startup businesses
  • Realtors
  • Independent contractors
  • Service businesses
  • Professional services
  • Restaurants and hotels
  • Manufacturing companies

We have helped and guided small business owners, transforming how they operate and manage their businesses. We have helped professionals, such as lawyers, architects, doctors, and even YouTube vloggers reduce their taxes and manage their cash flow more efficiently.

If you are looking for tax, accounting or business advisory services in Clearwater, Largo, Dunedin, Oldsmar, Lutz or , call us now at 727-530-0036 or contact us online for a free consultation.

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