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Business Advisory and Accounting Partners is a business advisory, tax, and accounting firm in Clearwater, FL helping businesses and individuals since 1989.
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8 Reasons the IRS Might Audit Your Business
An IRS Audit: How to Avoid the Red Flags Although the chances of an audit […]
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How Much Will Small Businesses Pay in Taxes in 2022?
Small Business Tax Rates for 2022 Explained The I.R.S. recently announced a new tax rule […]
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Income Tax Brackets for 2021-2022
Income Tax Brackets—How is Your Income Tax Calculated? The United States operates under a progressive […]
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What to Expect from 2022 Tax Returns
IRS Announces Inflation-adjusted Rates for 2022 Tax Returns The IRS announced new rates for 2022 […]
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How BAAP CPA Will Assist Independent Contractors with Tax Planning
Independent Contractor Taxes: A Guide on How to Pay Your Taxes With an evergreen tax […]
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Can I Write-Off Personal Expenses Through My Company?
Personal Tax Deductions: Tax Planning Tips to Avoid Tax Audits One of the most common […]
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Year-End Tax Planning Tips from BAAP CPA
5 Year End Tax Planning Strategies for Small Business Owners Looking to make the next […]
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How a Business Tax Advisory Can Assist with Succession Planning
Why Should a Small Business Owner Have a Sound Succession Plan? Business owners recognize that, […]
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Personal Tax Preparation: When to Begin Preparing Your Taxes for Tax Season
Personal Tax Preparation: Getting an Early Start on Tax Filing Season Every year, the tax […]
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7 Business Tax Deductions You Should be Aware of as a Business Owner
7 Business Tax Deductions Every Business Owner Should Know Multiple unavoidable expenses come with running […]
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