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Business Advisory and Accounting Partners is a business advisory, tax, and accounting firm in Clearwater, FL helping businesses and individuals since 1989.
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strong brand identity
How Your Business Benefits from a Strong Brand Identity
How to develop a strong brand identity for your business. Your brand identity is the […]
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Your Guide to Estate and Trust Planning
Learn more about estate planning in our estate planning guide. Everyone who owns anything of […]
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Small Business Advisory Services: 5 Main Benefits
Grow Your Business with Small Business Advisory Services In the current economic environment, expanding your […]
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Your 2020 Tax Return Checklist: Know Your Deductions
2020 Tax Return Checklist for Business and Personal Tax Deductions Tax season can be a […]
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What Types of Business Advisory Services are Right for Your Business?
Learn about the types of business advisory services. Business advisory services provide actionable strategies for […]
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How to Reduce Tax Liabilities for Your Business
5 Tips on How to Reduce Tax Liabilities Knowing how to reduce tax liabilities is […]
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tax changes accountant
Tax Code Changes You Should Be Aware of in 2021
Tax reform is inevitable. Tax code changes happen every year, but 2021 is a bit […]
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Protect Your Business: How to Avoid an Audit from the IRS
Here’s how your business can avoid an audit from the IRS during tax season. Let's […]
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How a Business Advisory Will Assist with Tax Compliance
5 Ways a Business Advisory will Assist with Your Tax Compliance Today’s economic growth challenges are […]
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What are the Potential Financial Benefits of Business Advisory Services?
How Financial Advisory Services Can Help You Unlock Growth Businesses prioritize change based on various […]
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